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Table 1 Gene sequences for PI metabolism in A. deanei and its symbiont

From: Biochemical and phylogenetic analyses of phosphatidylinositol production in Angomonas deanei, an endosymbiont-harboring trypanosomatid

Protein Reference (organism) A. deanei Symbiont
Inositol transporter PRF 1583317 (L. donovani) EPY28738.1, EPY351511, EPY29848.1 NF
PIS (eukaryotic) XP_001684255.1 (L. major) EPY39094.1, EPY39654.1, EPY28298.1 NF
PIS (prokaryotic) AFE17439.1 (M. tuberculosis) NF NF
AIPS O27726.1 (M. thermatotrophicus) NF NF
  1. NF : gene not found.