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Table 2 Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) of population structure of North American Fascioloides magna

From: Genetic interrelationships of North American populations of giant liver fluke Fascioloides magna

  Fst (cox1 + nad1)
Grouping criterion d.f. components Percent
Five enzootic regions    
Among groups 4 0.968 18.25a
Among populations within groups 6 2.946 55.55
Within populations 209 1.390 26.20
Structured populations    
(AB, BC, OR) (MS, LA) (FL, GA)    
(SC) (MN) (QC, NL)    
Among groups 5 4.149 72.99
Among populations within groups 5 0.145 2.56
Within populations 209 1.390 24.45
  1. Codes of US states, Canadian provinces and enzootic regions are explained in Table 1; AB, BC, OR - RMT and NPC enzootic regions; MS, LA – 1st group of SAS region; FL, GA – 2nd group of SAS; SC – 3rd group of SAS; MN – GLR region; QC, NL – NQL region; Fst, F-statistics; d.f., degrees of freedom; ainsignificant results (P > 0.05); results significant at P < 0.001 are in bold; results significant at P < 0.05 are in italics