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Table 1 Historical and demographic findings extracted from the study questionnaire provided by the two veterinarians infected with Bartonella henselae

From: Did Bartonella henselae contribute to the deaths of two veterinarians?

Parameter Veterinarian #1 Veterinarian #2
Age 67 63
Sex Male Male
Ethnicity Caucasian Caucasian
Residence Suburban Suburban
Number of children Daughter 2 Sons
Employment Status Full-time employed Full-time employed
Occupation Veterinarian Veterinarian
Length of time at current position 44 years 37 years
Medical coverage Yes Yes
Have you been diagnosed with infectious disease Yes- pneumonia Yes - childhood diseases, influenza
Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness Yes- approximately 2 years duration Yes – mild colitis, gastric reflux
Allergies Yes – Environmental Yes – mild seasonal rhinitis
Has experienced persistent illness Yes No
Self-described health Infrequently ill Healthy
History of symptoms:   
Fatigue Yes No
Difficulty remembering Yes No
Disoriented (confused by time or place) Yes No
Eye Pain Yes No
Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) Yes No
Chronic fatigue Yes No
Bladder dysfunction Yes No
Fever Yes No
Mental confusion (disordered thoughts) Yes No
Blurred vision Yes No
Balance problems Yes No
Shortness of breath Yes No
Muscle weakness Loss of sensation or numbness in legs Legs – weak left lower leg since ICE chemotherapy – symptoms almost gone
Ability to perform the same activities of daily living prior to illness? No Yes, until medical leave began July 2012
Ability to perform same employment/school activities prior to illness? No Yes, until medical leave began July 2012
Self-reported signs of symptoms Waxing/waning Improving – with current cancer treatment
History of Physician evaluations:   
General Practitioner Yes Yes
Pulmonologist Yes No
Orthopedist Yes Yes
Urologist Yes No
Internal Medicine Yes Yes
Infectious Disease Yes Yes
Gastroenterologist Yes Yes
Chiropractor Yes Yes
Ophthalmologist Yes Yes
Dermatologist Yes Yes
Dentist Yes Yes
Cardiologist Yes Yes
Neurologist Yes No
Psychiatrist/Psychologist Yes No
Physical Therapist Yes No
Podiatrist Yes No
Allergist Yes Yes
Acupuncturist No Yes
Ear/Nose/Throat No Yes
Oncologist No Yes
Family Medical History   
Heart Disease Self + 2 Brothers Father
Cancer Sister – Mammary, Brother – Squamous Cell Carcinoma Mother – Colon Cancer
Hypertension Self + 2 Brothers Father + Mother
Asthma Self + Brother  
Stroke Father Mother
Substance Abuse Brother  
Allergies Self + Mother Self
Diabetes   Father
Animal contact:   
Dog Yes – Indoor/Outdoor Yes – Indoor/Outdoor
Cat Yes – Indoor/Outdoor Yes – Indoor/Outdoor
Bird Yes – Indoor Yes – Indoor
Horse Yes Yes – Outdoor
Rodent Yes Yes, Hampster – Indoor
Reptile No Yes – Indoor
Fish No Yes
Ferret No Yes
Age of Exposure 0-60+ 0-60+
Allow pets to sleep in same bed as owner Yes Yes – cats only
Allow pets to lick hands, face, feet, etc. Yes Yes
Frequent exposure (>1 time per month) to other animals Yes – Dog, Cat Yes – Dog, Cats for 29 years.
Length of exposure to other animals >10 years No
Exposure to production animals No First 8 years post-graduation, treated farm animals
Animal bites or scratches   
Dog Yes – since 1960 No
Cat Yes – since 1970 Yes – since 1975
Bird No Yes – 1980
Horse No Yes – 1975
Reptile No Yes – 1980
Rabbit No Yes – 1975
Rodent No Yes – 1980
Outdoor exposure at least once a year Wildlife rescue/rehabilitation, Gardening Hiking, Hunting, Gardening, Cycling, Outdoor water sports
Antibiotics last 12 months:   
Ciprofloxacin Current No
Doxycycline Current Current *Rigors & fevers stopped with start of Doxycycline
cefixime June-2011 No
Fluoroquinolones Yes Yes
Cephalosporins No Yes
Corticosteroids in past 12 months: Yes Yes
Medrol Pak 12/11/2011-12/26/2011 No
Flonase 6/2011-current No
Oral Prednisone No Yes
IV Prednisone No Yes
IV Dexamethasone No Yes
Other medications in past 12 months:   
Quinapril 2000-current No
Qmlodipine 2000-current No
Escitalopram 1980-current No
Primidone 2007-current No
Coumadin 2011-current No
Aspirin 81 mg 1990-current No
Modafinil 2010-current No
Enalipril No Yes
Rosuvastatin calcium No Yes
Oral Antiviral No Yes
Oral Antifungal No Yes
Insect Exposure:   
Fleas Yes Yes
Ticks Yes Yes
Biting Flies Yes Yes
Mosquitoes Yes Yes
Spiders Yes Yes
Scabies Yes Yes
Travel outside of state of residence   
Northwest US Yes Yes
Northeast US Yes Yes
Southwest US Yes Yes
Southeast US Yes Yes
Animal Contact during Travel Within US   
Northwest US Yes No
Northeast US Yes No
Southwest US Yes Yes
Southeast US Yes No
Non continental US & International Travel   
Alaska Yes Yes
Mexico Yes Yes
Central America Yes Yes
Carribean Yes Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Australia/New Zealand/Fiji No Yes
Europe No Yes
Animal Contact during Travel Outside Non continental US   
Alaska Yes No
Mexico No No
Central America Yes No
Carribean Yes No
Canada No No
Pet Travel No No
Specialist Doctor Visits:   
Chronic mild colitis No Yes
T Cell Lymphoma No Yes
Hyperlipidemia No Duration 15 years – under control with statin