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Table 1 Mean tick counts and efficacy against ticks after single oral treatment with fluralaner chewable tablets

From: Prevention of transmission of Babesia canis by Dermacentor reticulatus ticks to dogs treated orally with fluralaner chewable tablets (Bravecto™)

Day 4 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 18.6/0.0
Efficacy [%] 100b
Day 30 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 18.8/0.0
Efficacy [%] 100b
Day 58 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 12.7/0.0
Efficacy [%] 100b
Day 72 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 22.2/0.1
Efficacy [%] 99.6b
Day 86 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 23.0/0.2
  Efficacy [%] 99.2b
Day 90 Mean tick countsa (control/treated) [n] 22.3/0.0
  Efficacy [%] 100b
  1. aGeometric mean live attached ticks
  2. bLog-counts of ticks from the treated group were significantly different (p < 0.0001) from log-counts of the untreated control group