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Table 4 Abbreviated clinical data available for 7 Anaplasma or Ehrlichia PCR positive cats

From: Serological and molecular analysis of feline vector-borne anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis using species-specific peptides and PCR

Cat# FVBD Sig. Presenting complaint Abnormal PE findings Hematological Additional findings
1 Apl 11y MC DSH chronic hyper-globulinemia none reported mod. hyperglobulinemia, mld. thrombocytopenia mld. anemia indr/outdr; FeLV/FIV (−); co-infection with Mh, Bh, and Bk; dx. with multiple myeloma*
2 Apl 3y MC DSH lethargy, pallor pale, febrile (103.5 °C), heart murmur (IV/VI) svr. anemia, mld leukocytosis mod. lymphocytosis indr/outdr; FeLV/FIV (−); saline ag.(−); imaging: enlarged heart and mld. free fluid in thoracic and abdominal cavities; BM aspirate erythiroid hyperplasia and dysplasia, lymphoid hyperplasia; dx. PRCA or infection or CLL.
3 Apl 5y FS DMH anorexia, lethargy, C. felis (+) icteric, febrile (103.2 °C) svr. anemia, mld. leukopenia mod. thrombocytopenia, mld. hyperproteinemia indr/outdr; FeLV/FIV (−); normal coag-ulation (PT/PTT); co-infection C. felis
6 Aph 8 m MC DSH lethargy, persistent leukocytosis none reported mod. neutrophilia, mod. lymphocytosis, mod. thrombocytosis indr; FeLV/FIV (−); imaging WNL
7 Aph 9y MC DSH lethargy, inappetance lethargic, febrile (103.5 °C) mld. anemia, mod. thrombocytopenia mod. neutrophilia mod. lymphopenia indr/outdr; tick removed recently; FeLV/FIV (−); normal coagulation (PT/PTT)
13 Eew 12y MC DSH chronic intermittent epistaxis epistaxis thyroid nodule mod. anemia mld. neutrophilia svr. thrombocytopenia elevated T4 indr/outdr; FeLV/FIV (−); normal coagulation (PT/PTT); imaging WNL
  1. Aph: A.phagocytophilum; Apl: A.platys; Ech: E.chaffeensis; Eew: E.ewingii; PE: physical examination; MC: male castrated; FS: female spayed; DS(M)H: domestic short (medium) hair; mld: mild; mod: moderate; svr: severe; indr: indoor; outdr: outdoor; WNL: within normal limits; ND: no data; FeLV: Feline Leukemia Virus; FIV: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus; BM: Bone Marrow; PRCA: pure red cell aplasia; CLL: Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia; PT: Prothrombin Time; PTT: Partial Thromboplastin Time. *previously reported case report [22]