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Table 6 Agreement between RDT result on Fresh versus stored in blood and serum samples

From: A comparative evaluation of the performance of commercially available rapid immunochromatographic tests for the diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in Bangladesh

Fresh vs Stored* Agreement index (Cohen’s kappa) with 95 % CI
Blood Serum
Kalazar Detect 97.6 (93–100) 94.99 (88.12–100)
Signal®KA 97.6 (92.1–100) 95.2 (88.8–100)
Crystal®KA 100 100
Onsite leishmania Ab (Rev A) - 88.4 (78.5–98.3)
Onsite leishmania Ab (Rev B) - 12.7 (0–35.6)
  1. *We didn’t perform RDT on stored blood for Rev A and Rev B following manufacturer’s instruction to avoid performing test on stored blood sample. That is why some kappa values are missing