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Fig. 3

From: New insights into the immunopathology of early Toxocara canis infection in mice

Fig. 3

Liver parenchyma of Toxocara canis-infected BALB/c mice. a Control group: normal liver parenchyma with H&E staining. Bar = 100 μm. b 7 days post-infection (p.i.): inflammatory infiltration (arrowheads) and small area of hepatic necrosis (*). H&E. Bar = 100 μm. c 14 days p.i.: area with intense inflammatory infiltration (arrowheads) and hepatic necrosis (*). H&E. Bar = 100 μm. d 14 days p.i.: higher magnification of the previous figure showing inflammatory infiltrate consisting of eosinophils (arrowheads) and neutrophils (arrows), as well as necrosis (*). H&E. Bar = 50 μm

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