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Fig. 6

From: Genetic similarities between Cyclospora cayetanensis and cecum-infecting avian Eimeria spp. in apicoplast and mitochondrial genomes

Fig. 6

Nucleotide sequences at the joint region of the concatenated mitochondrial genomes of Cyclospora cayetanensis as shown by the result of sequence read mapping. Roche 454 sequence reads were mapped to the assembled C. cayetanensis mitochondrial genome from CHN_HEN01 (KP796149). Altogether, 62,397 of 951,428 reads were mapped to the mitochondrial genome, with the average mapped read length = 516.6 bp and average genome coverage = 5,061.5. Only the partial mapping result at the joint region is shown. Blank spaces between sequences denote borders of sequence reads, whereas colors of nucleotides indicate quality scores (dark nucleotides have higher quality score; minimum score = 30.0). The numbers above nucleotide sequences are positions in the mitochondrial genome (KP796149) from this study. The 3′ and 5′ ends of the mitochondrial genome of Cyclo_CDC_2013 (KP658101) are marked

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