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Table 2 Nucleotide sequence differences in the mitochondrial genome of Cyclospora cayetanensis between the Chinese isolate CHN_HEN01 (KP796149) and US isolate Cyclo_CDC_2013 (KP658101)

From: Genetic similarities between Cyclospora cayetanensis and cecum-infecting avian Eimeria spp. in apicoplast and mitochondrial genomes

Nucleotide positiona Gene or region Nucleotide in Cyclo_CDC_2013 Nucleotide in CHN_HEN01
60 SSU/8 T A
2007 cox1 G A
2253 cox1 G A
3131 Intergenic between LSU/12 & SSU/1 T A
3964 Intergenic between LSU/8 & SSU/5 C A
4282 LSU/1 A T
4703 cox3 C T
4937 cox3 C T
6085–6091 Intergenic between SSU/11 & SSU9 and within SSU9 TAATAAC GTTATTA
  1. aAccording to GenBank sequence KP658101