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Table 4 Anti-TBEV IgG values of the Scandinavian brown bears and the negative and positive controls

From: Serological signature of tick-borne pathogens in Scandinavian brown bears over two decades

Serum type N Mean SE Minimum Maximum
Wild bears 1172 serum samples (569 individuals) 9.86 0.11 1.93 39.77
Negative controls 60 serum samples (4 individuals) 22.75 0.99 7.59 47.53
Positive controls 60 serum samples (4 individuals) 161.37 2.85 82.84 185.83
  1. The negative controls were uninfected goats and the positive controls were goats that tested positive for TBEV [46]. The anti-TBEV IgG response is measured in units of optical density (OD units). The sample size (N), mean optical density, standard error (SE), minimum and maximum values are also shown