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Fig. 2

From: The formation of egg granulomas in the spleens of mice with late Schistosoma japonicum infection alters splenic morphology

Fig. 2

Lymphoid follicles reappear in spleens accompanied by the formation of granulomas in the later stage of infection. Spleen (a) and paraffin section of spleen (b) from naïve mice were used as controls. c Spleen without granulomas from infected mice 16 weeks post-infection. Spleen with granulomas from infected mice at d 8 weeks, e 12 weeks, f 16 weeks and g 20 weeks post-infection. Paraffin sections of spleen with granulomas prepared from infected mice at h 8 weeks, i 12 weeks, j 16 weeks and k 20 weeks post-infection, all stained with H&E. The area marked by the rectangles in panels (hk) can be seen at higher magnification in panels (lo), respectively. Paraffin sections of spleen without granulomas prepared from mice at p 8 weeks q 12 weeks, r 16 weeks and s 20 weeks post-infection, all stained with H&E. Between six and eight mice were observed at each time point. Similar results were obtained in each group. Egg granulomas are indicated by black arrows. Scale bar: a, cg 10 mm; b, hs 200 μm

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