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Fig. 1

From: Multilocus microsatellite typing of Leishmania infantum isolates in monitored Leishmania/HIV coinfected patients

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic and clustering analysis of 25 L. infantum isolates from 8 Leishmania/HIV coinfected patients for the data of 20 microsatellite markers. a Neighbor-joining tree inferred from the Cavalli-Sforza genetic distance results using PHYLIP and TreeDyn software for tree edition and visualization. The bootstrap values above 50 % are shown. The Leishmania isolates number (in colors), genotypes (G1-G18), clusters (C1 and C2) and sub-clusters (C2a and C2b) are indicated. b Populations identified by STRUCTURE (K = 6) divided in colors, organized according to the neighbor-joining tree. Clusters and sub-clusters are also indicated

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