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Table 1 List of GenBank sequences used to design real-time PCR primers to detect haemosporidian rDNA. Accession numbers and the associated haemosporidian species/lineage are given

From: A new real-time PCR protocol for detection of avian haemosporidians

Accession Number Haemosporidian species/lineage
FJ168562 Haemoproteus columbae
AY733087 Haemoproteus sp. jb1. JA27
AB302215 Leucocytozoon caulleryi
FJ168564 Leucocytozoon fringillinarum
FJ168563 Leucocytozoon majoris
NC009336 Leucocytozoon sabrezesi
AB250690 Plasmodium gallinaceum
AB250415 Plasmodium juxtanucleare
KC138226 Plasmodium lutzi
NC012426 Plasmodium relictum