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Fig. 3

From: Engaging scientists: An online survey exploring the experience of innovative biotechnological approaches to controlling vector-borne diseases

Fig. 3

Regional and national awareness of pioneering mosquito releases before they occured. Awareness of either pioneering trial before releases occurred was uniformly low among expert scientists (<35 %) at national (3a) and regional (3b) levels. The only exception is the high national awareness achieved in Australia for the 2011 release that occurred in Queensland (Australia). The high awareness in the Oceania region for the Australian release (3b) should be viewed with caution as 66 % (Q20) and 72 % (Q22) of respondents from this region are Australian. Sample sizes are shown above the respective bars in (3a) and (3b). Individuals that were not able to remember when they learnt about the release or that where directly involved in it (Q21 and Q23) are excluded from the corresponding figure

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