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Fig. 1

From: Research advances in microneme protein 3 of Toxoplasma gondii

Fig. 1

3D reconstruction of an extracellular T. gondii tachyzoite. Reprinted from [1], Copyright ©2011, with permission from Elsevier. ad Transversal slices of a parasite used for reconstruction from the apical (a), b to the middle c and posterior portions of the cell body, by FIB-SEM dual beam. a Face view of the polar ring (arrow) with micronemes (arrowhead) around it and rhoptry necks inside. b Between the polar ring and the nucleus, a rhoptry (r) and a dense granule (dg) can be identified. c At the upper level of the nucleus (N) elements from the Golgi complex (GC) and mitochondrial profiles (m) are seen. d Rendered model. The plasma membrane is transparent white. Inside the parasite several dense granules (blue) are scattered in the cytoplasm, 10 rhoptries (green) and many micronemes (red) are seen around the conoid (arrow). The neck of one rhoptry is seen inside the conoid (white arrow) [1]

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