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Fig. 3

From: Research advances in microneme protein 3 of Toxoplasma gondii

Fig. 3

Amino acid sequence alignment of MIC3 from apicomplexan parasites. Toxoplasma MIC3 (AF509564.1: RH.SSI strain; AJ132530.1: RH.ERP strain; EU572718.1 GJS strain; JF330835.1 RH strain, and XM_002369792.1: ME49 strain), Neospora caninum (XM_003880575.1: Liverpool strain), Hamondia Hammond MIC3 (XM_008886980.1: H.H.34 strain), and Eimeria tenella (FJ374765.1: Houghton strain). Amino acid sequence alignment was generated by MegAlign. Identical amino acid residues are colored in blue

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