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Table 1 A summary of post-guinea worm eradication certification efforts in Cameroon

From: Not every worm wrapped around a stick is a guinea worm: a case of Onchocerca volvulus mimicking Dracunculus medinensis

Training of community health volunteers
Notification and timely investigation of GW rumors,a and laboratory confirmation of every expulsed worm.
GW case surveillance:
active surveillance in health districts and communities which reported cases in the past with particular attention to those bordering with Nigeria and Chad
infection transmission interruption and case containment measures
obligatory weekly reporting by all health districts in the country as part of the National integrated epidemic-prone disease surveillance and response system (IDSR)
Information, education and communication on GW disease including vulgarization of information on the monetary reward
Money reward system in case of confirmed rumor
4000 francs CFA (6.7 US dollarsb) for the person who identified and declared a case
23,000 francs CFA (38.5 USD) reward given to an indigenous patient with GW ·
3000 FCFA (5.0 USD) for an imported patient
10,000 FCFA (16.7 USD) for the Health facility which manages the case
40,0000 (67 USD) for the patient’s community to support the treatment of water sources
  1. a42 rumors in all have been reported and investigated since 2009. But for 2009 which registered 5 rumors of which just 3 (60 %) were investigated within 24 h, all other rumors reported during the years that followed were investigated within 24 h
  2. b1 USD = 597.434 FCFA (local currency)