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Fig. 1

From: Nitric oxide stimulates early egress of Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites from human foreskin fibroblast cells

Fig. 1

NO released by SNP induced egress of T. gondii from infected HFFs. a HFFs were infected with T. gondii for approximately 36 h, followed by treatment with different concentrations of SNP for the given time periods. Egressed parasites were suspended in 500 μL of DMEM, and 20 μL suspensions were analysed by flow cytometry. The data in the figure show the means ± SEMs of five replicates and represent three independent experiments. *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01, comparing SNP with DMEM at the respective time point. b Observation of the egress of tachyzoites via video record. HFFs were incubated with the parasites for 36 h and then treated with 40 mM SNP for 30 min. Video were captured between 15 min and 18 min after SNP treatment and 4 frames were selected and displayed here. Bar: 10 μm

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