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Fig. 1

From: How do species, population and active ingredient influence insecticide susceptibility in Culicoides biting midges (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) of veterinary importance?

Fig. 1

Sigmoidal curves of concentration-response estimations of different Culicoides populations exposed to different insecticides active ingredients. Dots represent pooled data obtained for each tested concentration (filled circle = C. nubeculosus; square = C. obsoletus; diamond = C. imicola) and lines represent the logistic regression of each population (straight: C. nubeculosus, dotted: C. obsoletus; dashed: C. imicola) for each active ingredient (red = deltamethrin; orange = alpha-cypermethrin; green = permethrin; purple = chlorpyriphos-methyl; blue = phoxim; black = diazinon). Data was analysed with PriProbit ver. 1.63, based on the mortality recorded at 24 h after 1 h exposure to different concentrations of active ingredients

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