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Fig. 3

From: Climate suitability for European ticks: assessing species distribution models against null models and projection under AR5 climate

Fig. 3

Current and future (RCP 4.5) projected climate suitability for tick species in the western Palearctic. Each row corresponds to a tick species: a: Ixodes ricinus; b: Rhipicephalus annulatus; c: Dermacentor marginatus; d: Haemaphysalis punctata. Columns correspond to 40-year temporal averages up to and including: 1: 2010; 2: 2050; 3: 2098. Figures in column 1 represent the average suitability derived from Maxent and MD SDMs based on observed climate; columns 2 and 3 contain suitability averaged across Maxent and MD SDMs produced from four GCMs following RCP 4.5. Values range from 0 (unsuitable) to 1 (highly suitable)

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