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Table 1 Data of sample collections and results of molecular analyses according to country and bat species

From: Screening of bat faeces for arthropod-borne apicomplexan protozoa: Babesia canis and Besnoitia besnoiti-like sequences from Chiroptera

Country Date (2014) Longitude Latitude Bat species (ring No.) Results of sequencing (homology) GenBank accession number
HUNGARY July 19 20°33'06'' 48°06'02'' Nyctalus noctula Babesia canis (100 %) KP835549
August 29 18°52'30'' 47°42'30'' Myotis daubentonii (A5783) Babesia canis (100 %) KP835549
July 23 20°36'50'' 48°06'39'' Pipistrellus pygmaeus Babesia canis (99 %) KP835550
August 29 18°52'30'' 47°42'30'' Myotis daubentonii (A5773) Babesia canis (99 %) KP835550
August 30 18°50'35'' 47°41'58'' Myotis alcathoe Babesia canis (99 %) KP835550
NETHERLANDS July 28 4°39'05'' 52°02'42'' Myotis dasycneme* Besnoitia besnoiti (99 %) KP835555
  1. All except one (*) were individual samples. The reference sequences were FJ209024 for Babesia canis and KJ746531 for Besnoitia besnoiti. The bat ring number is also provided in the case of two samples collected from different individuals of the same bat species caught on the same date and in the same place