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Table 1 Collection data of bat ticks processed in this study. DNA extraction was attempted from all samples, but GenBank accession number is provided only in the case of successful COI gene amplification. 16S and 12S rDNA sequence accession numbers are provided in the text

From: High degree of mitochondrial gene heterogeneity in the bat tick species Ixodes vespertilionis, I. ariadnae and I. simplex from Eurasia

tick species acc. to morphology tick stage/sex host species date of collection place of collection: country (city or region) COI GenBank accession number
I. vespertilionis F Myotis mystacinus 20-05-2010 Serbia (Zlot) KR902765
N Rhinolophus hipposideros 03-05-2013 Serbia (Dimitrovgrad) KR902764
F, F (cave wall) 1907a Serbia (Novi Pazar) -
N Rhinolophus ferrumequinum 07-09-2014 Bosnia-Herzegovina (Šipovo) KR902763
N Rhinolophus sp. 1899a Bosnia-Herzegovina (43.2° N, 17.8°E) -
N Rhinolophus euryale 22-09-2013 Montenegro (Rijeka Crnojevića) KR902766
F Rhinolophus hipposideros 19-09-1913a Czech Republic (Hranice na Morave) -
M, F near Rhinolophus hipposideros 21-02-2008 France (Ruillé en Champagne) KR902757-8
F Rhinolophus sp. ca. 1992 Spain - Vasque Country KR902759
N Rhinolophus sp. ca. 1992 Spain - Vasque Country KR902760
N Rhinolophus sp. ca. 1992 Spain - Vasque Country KR902761
L Rhinolophus sp. ca. 1992 Spain - Vasque Country KR902762
M (cave wall) 1890a Russia (Caucasus - Labinsk) -
N Rhinolophus affinis 20-10-2014 Vietnam (Cao Bang - Phia Oac) KR902756
I. ariadnae-like L Myotis n. sp. (undescribed) 17-10-2014 Vietnam (Thanh Hoa - Ban Vin) KR902767
F Murina leucogaster 09-03-2013 Japan (Okayama) LC036330
I. simplex F near Miniopterus schreibersii 09-07-2008 France (Rancogne) KR902768
N Miniopterus magnater 19-02-2015 India (Meghalaya - Jaintia Hills) KR902769
L Miniopterus fuliginosus 09-09-2013 Japan (Wakayama) LC055099
  1. akindly provided by the Natural History Museum of Berlin. Abbreviations: M-male, F-female, N-nymph, L-larva