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Table 2 Giardia multi-locus genotypes of 76 isolates unambiguously genotyped at the bg, gdh and tpi loci

From: Determination of Giardia duodenalis assemblages and multi-locus genotypes in patients with sporadic giardiasis from England

Assemblage No. isolates (ID) Bg Gdh Tpi MLG
9 (9/10, 11/29, 11/67, 12/C65, 12/C70, 12/C74, 13/C117, 13/C122, 13/C162) A3 ECUST2196 AII AII new (a)
5 (8/H3, 11/27, 12/C16, 12/G, 13/C123) A2 ECUST2196 AII AII new (b)
2 (12/C31, 13/C164) A3 ISSGd198 AII AII new (c)
12/C41 A2 12/C41~ AII AII new (d)
B 21 B1–3 BIV BIV 1b
1 B1–1 BIV BIV 7b
3 (12/C7, 13/C147, 13/CF) B1–2 BIV BIV B new (a)
3 (12/C87, 12/C92, 12/C96) B1–5 BIV VB906855 B new (b)
3 (13/C152, 13/C165, 13/CE) B1–5 ISSGd167 VB906855 B new (c)
2 (12/C9, 12/C84) B1–2 BIV VB906855 B new (d)
2 (12/C80, 12/C160) B1–2 ISSGd167 BIV B new (e)
12/C95 B1–1 ISSGd167 BIV B new (f)
13/CO 13/CO~ BIV BIV B new (g)
13/C149 B1–2 Ad-158 Sweh171 B new (h)
13/C145 B1–2 Ad-158 VB906855 B new (i)
13/C155 B1–3 13/C155 BIV B new (l)
12/C83 B1–3 ISSGd167 BIV B new (m)
11/28 B1 ISSGd167 BIV B new (n)
10/28 BIII 10/28~ VB906855 B new (o)
12/C20 BIII BIV BIV B new (p)
12/C19 12/C19~ 12/C19~ BIII B new (q)
  1. The isolates showing a novel MLG are specified by their identifier code (ID). ~ new sequence; asame MLG reported by [5]; bsame MLG reported by [7]