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Table 1 RNA-seq sample summary

From: RNA-seq analyses of changes in the Anopheles gambiae transcriptome associated with resistance to pyrethroids in Kenya: identification of candidate-resistance genes and candidate-resistance SNPs

Origin RNA pool2 Total aligned reads3
Western Province, Kenya Resistant_0 144,917,184
  Resisistant_1 154,463,158
  Resistant_2 138,266,938
  Resistant_3 152,222,775
  Susceptible_0 139,954,740
  Susceptible_1 146,021,244
  Susceptible_2 124,918,668
  Susceptible_3 128,348,124
Kisumu strain Kisumu_0 127,550,869
  1. 2The total RNA from 12 mosquitoes was pooled in equal molarity after having verified its quality
  2. 3Total number of million reads aligned to the Anopheles gambiae genome (AgamP3.7 gene set)