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Table 1 The location, vector and RPS8 (coding and non-coding regions) gene accession numbers for Babesia and Theileria species used in this study

From: A PCR-RFLP Assay targeting RPS8 gene for the discrimination between bovine Babesia and Theileria species in China

Parasite Location Tick vector RPS8 Accession No.
Babesia bovis Shanxian Boophilus microplus JN400408
B. bovis Lushi B. microplus JN400409
B. bigemina Kunming B. microplus JN400410
B. bigemina Lushi B. microplus JN400411
B. major Yili Haemaphysalis punctata JN400412
B. ovata Lushi H. longicornis JN400413
B. ovata Wenchuan H. longicornis JN400414
B. ovata Zhangjiachuan H. longicornis JN400415
Babesia sp. Kashi2 Kashi Hyalomma spp. JN400416
Theileria annulata Sanmenxia H. detritum JN400419
T. annulata Xinjiang H. scupense JN400420
T. annulata Ningxia H. detritum JN400428
T. annulata Ankara H. detritum NC_011099
T. sergenti Lushi H. longicornis JN400421
T. orientalis Shintoku H. longicornis AP011947
T. siensis Lintan H. qinghaiensis JN400422
T. siensis Weiyuan H. qinghaiensis JN400423
T. siensis Lintao H. qinghaiensis JN400427