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Fig. 10

From: Transmission indices and microfilariae prevalence in human population prior to mass drug administration with ivermectin and albendazole in the Gomoa District of Ghana

Fig. 10

Monthly transmission potential (MTP) for the study communities. Monthly transmission potential (MTP) = Monthly infective biting rate (MIBR) × worm load. MIBR = Monthly biting rate (MBR) × Infectivity rate (IR). MBR = man biting rate (mBR) × 30; mBR, which also represents number of a particular species of mosquito biting human per given time = number of mosquitoes caught/ (number of collectors × number of captures). IR = proportion of a particular species of mosquito carrying W. bancrofti L3 stage larvae. Worm load = total number of L3/ total number of mosquitoes carrying L3

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