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Table 3 Identification of Theileria species by BLASTn analysis of the 18S rRNA sequences of the isolates from cattle in Kenya

From: Molecular detection and characterization of Babesia bovis, Babesia bigemina, Theileria species and Anaplasma marginale isolated from cattle in Kenya

Accession number Highest Blastn match Accession number of match % identity
KP347567 T. mutans AF078815 99
KP347568 T. orientalis AB520955 100
T. sergenti JQ723015
T. buffeli DQ287959
Theileria sp. JW-2014 KJ020546
KP347569 T. ovis KM924444 100
KP347570 T. parva HQ684067 100
KP347571 T. taurotragi L19082 99
KP347572 T. taurotragi L19082 100
KP347573 T. taurotragi L19082 98
KP347574 T. velifera JN572705 100
KP347575 Theileria sp.(buffalo) HQ895982 100