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Fig. 2

From: A Toxoplasma gondii vaccine encoding multistage antigens in conjunction with ubiquitin confers protective immunity to BALB/c mice against parasite infection

Fig. 2

DNA vaccine encoding ubiquitin-conjugated multistage antigen induced a specific immune response in BALB/c mice. p-UMAS and p-MAS encoding T. gondii multistage antigens with or without ubiquitin adjuvant immunized BALB/c mice twice at three-week intervals. Levels of splenocyte proliferation in mice are presented as mean optical density at 450 nm ± SD by stimulation with individual peptide or peptides pool from T. gondii infected mice (a), DNA vaccine immunized mice (b, c) through WST-8 assay. d Cytokine levels in splenocytes supertanants obtained from immunized mice by culture with peptides pools for IL-2 at 24 h, IL-10 at 72 h, and IFN-γ at 96 h using a commercial ELISA Kit. e Antibodies (IgG, IgG and IgG2a) detected in immunized mice serum collected on day 0, 14, 35 and 49 by ELISA. *indicates statistically significant differences between p-UMAS vaccinated mice and p-MAS vaccinated mice

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