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Table 2 Scoring of OCP and LTS-2 DEC patch skin reactions

From: Diagnosis of O. volvulus infection via skin exposure to diethylcarbamazine: clinical evaluation of a transdermal delivery technology-based patch

OCP DEC patcha LTS-2 DEC patch
Score Criteria Score Criteria
0 No rash 0 No swelling; pin point papules only
1 1–3 discrete, well formed papules 1 <50 % of the patch application area is covered by swelling
2 4–8 discrete, well formed papules 2 ≥50 % of patch application area is covered by swelling but an area without swelling is present
3 >8 discrete, well formed papules papules separated by normal skin 3 The outline of the patch is completely covered by a well defined swelling (the outline lesion)
4 Coarse or confluent papules or extensive oedema due to conglomeration of papules (peau d’orange)   
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