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Fig. 4

From: Possible changes in the transmissibility of trachoma following MDA and transmission reduction: implications for the GET2020 goals

Fig. 4

The time development of the R e during and following MDA. The effective reproduction number R e is plotted for time points prior to, during and following a 3 round and 10 round MDA programme for each endemic setting. The downward arrows indicate 3 important time points: 1) commencement of MDA, 2) cessation of 3 round MDA programme, 3) cessation of 10 round programme. In each setting there is a clear rise in the value of R e over time after MDA begins, though this rise is more pronounced for lower endemic levels. The rise ends with the conclusion of MDA for the hyperendemic setting, but it persists beyond the conclusion of MDA as the endemic level declines. a indicates the change in R e within the hypoendemic community. b in green the change in R e within the mesoendemic community and in red the change in R e within the hyperendemic community

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