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Table 2 Summary of posterior probability distributions of the shape parameters for the incubation period and detection delay distributions (α i:o and α o:d ) and the common rate parameter (β)

From: Back-calculating the incidence of infection of leprosy in a Bayesian framework

Parameter Mode 95 % Highest Posterior Density Interval Correlation with
α i:o α o:d
α i:o 2.03 1.37 to 2.71   
α o:d 1.03 0.73 to 1.37 0.59  
β 0.25 0.18 to 0.34 0.80 0.72
  1. The incubation and detection delay periods are assumed to be Gamma distributed with a common rate parameter such that the interval from sub-clinical infection to diagnosis is also Gamma distributed with shape parameter α i:o  + α o:d and rate parameter \( \beta \)