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Fig. 3

From: Feasibility of controlling hookworm infection through preventive chemotherapy: a simulation study using the individual-based WORMSIM modelling framework

Fig. 3

Association between mean hookworm egg count and aggregation parameter k estimated from published studies. The legend indicates underlying study design in terms of study population (WCBA = women of child bearing age; SAC = school-age children) and the parasitological test used [22, 2631]. Taken together, the literature studies covered 24,758 individuals, for each of which the intensity of infection was known in terms of no, light, medium, or heavy infection (cut-offs: 1, 2000, and 4000 epg). The solid red line represents the linear association between the logarithms of the mean egg count and aggregation parameter k, taking account of uncertainty in both quantities (ρ = 0.92, 95 %-Bayesian credible interval 0.78–0.98). Red dashed lines represent the three pre-control endemicity levels for which simulations were performed in WORMSIM

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