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Fig. 5

From: Feasibility of controlling hookworm infection through preventive chemotherapy: a simulation study using the individual-based WORMSIM modelling framework

Fig. 5

Impact of targeted preventive chemotherapy with albendazole, as predicted by WORMSIM. The horizontal dashed black line indicates the WHO target level of 1 % prevalence of medium and heavy infection. Coloured graph lines in each panel represent predicted trends in prevalence of medium and heavy infection in different subpopulations (see legend on the right). Each row of panels represent one of three pre-control endemicity levels, while columns represent different preventive chemotherapy (PC) strategies: annual vs. semi-annual and targeting of only pre-school (preSAC) and school-age children (SAC) vs. aforementioned plus women of child bearing age (WCBA). PC coverage is assumed to be 75 %, in line with the WHO operational target, and individual participation in PC is determined by a mix of random and systematic factors

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