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Fig. 7

From: Feasibility of controlling hookworm infection through preventive chemotherapy: a simulation study using the individual-based WORMSIM modelling framework

Fig. 7

Impact of preventive chemotherapy and WASH and/or health education on hookworm infection levels. All panels pertain to the highly endemic scenario with PC targeted at pre-school and school-age children, and women of childbearing age. PC is assumed to start at time point 0, whereas WASH interventions are assumed to be implemented and effective from 5 years later onward (horizontal solid black line). The horizontal dashed black indicates the WHO target level of 1 % prevalence of medium and heavy infection. We assumed that WASH reduces the contribution of all individuals to the environmental reservoir by 50 % (WORMSIM does not yet support an effect of WASH on exposure of hosts, e.g. as a result of improved flooring in dwellings). Panels from left to right represent different levels of PC coverage (75 % vs. 90 %). Panels from top to bottom represent PC strategies at different frequencies (annual vs. semi-annual). Individual participation in PC is determined by a mix of random and systematic factors

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