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Table 1 Parameter values used in the numerical evaluations of model predictions for S mansoni. The age intensity profile from the cited sources based on faecal egg counts were used to derive estimate of R0 and βi using maximum likelihood methods. The age groupings for the contact parameter βi are defined as the intervals between 0, 5, 10, 16 and 80 years

From: What is required in terms of mass drug administration to interrupt the transmission of schistosome parasites in regions of endemic infection?

Parameter Value Source
Basic Reproductive number, R0 2.00 Fitted
Adult worm life expectancy 4 years [10]
Negative binomial clumping parameter, k 0.24 [34]
Density dependence fecundityparameter, ɣ 0.0006/female worm [34]
Beta, βi for intensity of age group i’s contact with infectious material 0.22,1.88,1,0.53 Fitted
Drug efficacy as a proportion of worms killed by praziquantel 0.86 [44]
Egg output per female worm 0.14 [45]
Source of age - mean intensity data - Ietune village, Machakos District, Kenya [26]