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Fig. 4

From: Clonorchis sinensis excretory/secretory products promote the secretion of TNF-alpha in the mouse intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells via Toll-like receptor 4

Fig. 4

Cytokines levels of TNF-α and IL-6 in culture supernatants of primary mouse intrahepatic biliary epithelial cells stimulated by excretory/secretory products of Clonorchis sinensis (ESP) by bead-based flow cytometery. (a) The concentrations of TNF-α in medium (negative control), LPS and ESP, as well as LPS combined with ESP (L + E) group; (b) The concentrations of IL-6 in each group above. Each value represents the mean ± SE of three or more independent experiments. *represents significant differences (P < 0.05) were found, compared with the indicated group

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