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Fig. 4

From: A phylogeny of Cichlidogyrus spp. (Monogenea, Dactylogyridea) clarifies a host-switch between fish families and reveals an adaptive component to attachment organ morphology of this parasite genus

Fig. 4

Male copulatory organs of some Cichlidogyrus spp. parasitizing Hemichromis spp. and C. amieti Birgi & Euzet [23] from Aphyosemion cameronense Boulenger, 1903. (a) C. longicirrus Dossou & Birgi [60]; (b) C. euzeti Dossou & Birgi [60]; (c) C. falcifer Dossou & Birgi [60]; (d) C. cf. bychowskii (Markevich [59]); (e) C. amieti Birgi & Euzet [23] (male copulatory organ on the left, vagina on the right)

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