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Table 1 World Health Organisation (WHO) Cone Bioassays: Treatments compared using modified WHO Cone Bioassays

From: Can insecticide-treated netting provide protection for Equids from Culicoides biting midges in the United Kingdom?

Treatment Type Treatment name (Supplier) Active ingredient
A Insecticide Agropharm’s Dairy Fly Spray (Agropharm Ltd, Penn, UK) Pyrethrins including cinerins 0.25 % w/w a
B Insecticide Degrain Insectaclear C (Lodi UK, Kingswinform, UK) Cypermethrin 0.1 % w/w
C Insecticide Fly Free Zone (Fly Away Ltd, Stourbridge, UK) Permethrin 0.1 % w/w; Tetramethrin 0.04 % w/w
D Insecticide Protector C (Agropharm Ltd, Penn, UK) Cypermethrin 0.09 % w/w
E Insecticide Strikeback Insect Killing Spray (Group 55, Preston, UK) Cypermethrin 0.01 % w/w
F Insecticide Tri-Tec 14® (LS Sales (Farnham) Ltd, Bloxham, UK) Cypermethrin 0.15 % w/w; Pyrethrins 0.2 % w/w a
G Insecticide Ultrashield EX (W.F. Young, Inc, East Longmeadow, MA, USA) Permethrin 0.5 % w/w; Pyrethrins 0.1 % w/w a
H Repellent NAF Off Citronella (Greencoat Ltd t/a Natural Animal Feeds, Monmouth, UK) Citronella Oil <1.5 % w/w
I Repellent NAF Off DEET POWER (Greencoat Ltd t/a Natural Animal Feeds, Monmouth, UK) DEET <20 % w/w
J Repellent NAF Off Extra Effect (Greencoat Ltd t/a Natural Animal Feeds,Monmouth, UK) Citriodiol1% w/w
K - Untreated Mesh  
L - Untreated Filter Paper  
  1. aalso contains Piperonylbutoxide [5-[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethoxymethyl]-6-propyl-1-3-benzodioxole as a synergist