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Fig. 3

From: An economic evaluation of expanding hookworm control strategies to target the whole community

Fig. 3

Impact of different treatment strategies on the overall rate of transmission. Force of infection: the mean number of incoming worms per person per year (a metric for the level of on-going transmission within the model). Two different transmission settings were explored; intermediate (R0 = 2.5), and high (R0 = 5) – as measured by the basic reproductive number (R0) [11]. The different styled lines represent different treatment strategies: solid – annual targeted treatment (Pre-SAC and SAC), dashed – biannual targeted treatment (Pre-SAC and SAC), and dotted – annual community-wide treatment (Pre-SAC, SAC and adults). Results assume 80 % coverage per round of target age group(s), and 94.8 % treatment efficacy. Individuals under two years of age were not eligible for treatment

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