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Fig. 5

From: An economic evaluation of expanding hookworm control strategies to target the whole community

Fig. 5

Cumulative total cost of community-wide versus child-targeted treatment. Annual targeted treatment (Pre-SAC and SAC) and annual community-wide treatment are represented by a solid and dashed line respectively. Costs were assumed to cease after elimination is achieved. The coloured dotted lines represent a range of different values regarding the cost per year of distributing community-wide treatment relative to child-targeted treatment. Two different transmission settings were explored; A) intermediate (R0 = 2.5), and B) high (R0 = 5) – as measured by the basic reproductive number (R0) [11]. The results assume 75 % coverage per round of targeted age group(s), and 94.8 % treatment efficacy. Costs were discounted at 3 % per year (resulting in the slope of the curve). The different vertical lines highlight the different employed time horizons. Individuals under two years of age were not eligible for treatment

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