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Table 4 Summary of all results obtained from secondary data sources

From: Contribution of draft cattle to rural livelihoods in a district of southeastern Uganda endemic for bovine parasitic diseases: an economic evaluation

Parameter Value (95 % CI)
Price of local labor at peak agricultural activity (in USD) 1.6 (1.2–2.0)
Mean rural income per person per month in Tororo district (in USD) 38.8 (30.4–47.3)
Period taken by 2 people to plow 1 acre of land (in days) 12 (10–13.9)
Period worked by 2 people per day to plow 1 acre of land using hand held hoe (in hours) 3 (2–3.9)
Duration of time taken to train young male cattle for work (in months) 18 (12.2–23.7)
Size of land plowed by a tractor per day (in acres) 5.4 (3.1–7.8)
Hiring rate of tractor per acre (in USD) 36.3 (26.5–46.8)