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Table 5 Draft cattle enterprise gross margin calculation for the whole study sample

From: Contribution of draft cattle to rural livelihoods in a district of southeastern Uganda endemic for bovine parasitic diseases: an economic evaluation

Item Value (USD)
a) Total value of livestock products, animals sold or transferred out of the herd  
Annual income from hiring out draft cattle 60 935
Animals sold 17 101
Animals given out as loan repayments 1 710
Value of animals stolen 855
Value of human labor saved 19 997
Subtotal (a) 100 598
b) Total value of animals brought in to the herd 7 271
c) Change in herd value during the year −25 421
d) Total livestock output (a-b + c) 67 905
e) Total variable cost −17 522
f) Total gross margin (d-e) 50 383