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Table 2 Statistics sequencing amount for two fastq files

From: Differential sialotranscriptomes of unfed and fed Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides, with particular regard to differentially expressed genes of cysteine proteases

Samples Clean reasd Total nucleotides Sequence length GC percentage
Unfed 46,707,727*2 9,341,545,400 100 nt*2 51 %
Fed 36,571,011*2 7,314,202,200 100 nt*2 50 %
  1. Total Reads and Total Nucleotides are actually clean reads and clean nucleotides; Total Nucleotides = Total pair-end Reads1 x pair-end size + Total pair-end Reads2 x pair-end Read2 size; GC percentage is proportion of guanidine and cytosine nucleotides among total nucleotides