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Table 3 Histopathology of tissues from mice with acute Chagas disease infected orally with experimental and control clones

From: Acute chagas outbreaks: molecular and biological features of Trypanosoma cruzi isolates, and clinical aspects of acute cases in Santander, Colombia

ID isolate Numbering of micea Inflammatory infiltrate Amastigote nestsb
MHOM/CO/09/JCHV 1 Moderate (0-1/c 40X)
2 Moderate (2-3/c 40X)
3 Abundant None
MHOM/CO/08/JCR 1 Scarce None
2 Scarce None
3 None None
4 Scarce None
MHOM/CO/01/338clBb 1 Scarce None
2 Scarce None
3 Scarce (0-1/c 40X)
4 Scarce (0-1/c 40X)
Sylvio X10 1 Scarce None
2 None None
3 Scarce None
4 Scarce None
  1. aNumbering mice correlate with those shown in Fig. 6 (qPCR)
  2. bNo. of amastigote nests found on examination 40X