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Table 3 Performance statistics of the boosted general additive model (boosted GAM) and MaxEnt models for Oncomegas wageneri for the full area and the polygon area

From: Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the probability of occurrence of Oncomegas wageneri (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) in the southern Gulf of Mexico

  Boosted GAM MaxEnt
  Full area Polygon area Full area Polygon area
Kappa 0.823 0.823 0.577 0.434
AUC 0.970 0.959 0.679 0.466
pROC 0.837 0.833 0.737 0.649
(0.722-0.941)a (0.725-0.949) (0.561-0.912) (0.474-1.000)
  1. Kappa = Cohen’s kappa, AUC = area under the curve and pROC = partial receiver operating characteristic curve. a The values in brackets were the ranges obtained by bootstrapping