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Table 1 Antibody/dye information and usage

From: “Salivary gland cellular architecture in the Asian malaria vector mosquito Anopheles stephensi

Dye/Target protein Target species Host Dilution Epitope Source
DAPI n/a n/a 1:60 n/a Life Technologies
Rh-WGA n/a n/a 1:40 n/a Vector Labs
Nile Red n/a n/a 1:60 n/a Sigma
phalloidin-488 n/a n/a 1:10 n/a Life Technologies
AAPP An. stephensi rabbit 1:100 AA 26-293 Matsuoka lab
SG6 An. gambiae mouse 1:100 unknown Lombardo lab
mtTFA human rabbit 1:20 AA 44-246 Santa Cruz (H-203)
KDEL receptor bovine mouse 1:20 full length Abcam ab69659
GM130 Drosophila rabbit 1:20 C-terminus Abcam ab30637
α-tubulin chicken mouse 1:10 unpublished DSHB (clone AA4.3)
Lamin C Drosophila mouse 1:5 full length DSHB (clone LC28.26)