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Table 2 Profile of enzymatic activities of Aedes aegypti groups

From: Fitness cost in field and laboratory Aedes aegypti populations associated with resistance to the insecticide temephos

Enzyme Class Aedes aegypti Strains/Field Population p99 f % > p99 g Status h
α-esterase (nmol/mg ptn/min) Rockefeller a 52.99 U
  RecRev b   2.0 U
  RecRNEx c   49.0 A
  RecR d   87.0 HA
  Arcoverde e   53.0 A
β–esterase (nmol/mg ptn/min) Rockefeller 91.98 U
  RecRev   1.0 U
  RecRNEx   9.0 U
  RecR   37.0 A
  Arcoverde   4.0 U
PNPA–esterase (Δabs/mg ptn/min) Rockefeller 4.24 U
  RecRev   0.0 U
  RecRNEx   0.0 U
  RecR   57.0 HA
  Arcoverde   18.0 A
MFO nmoles cit/mg ptn) Rockefeller 9.53 U
  RecRev   0.0 U
  RecRNEx   1.0 U
  RecR   5.0 U
  Arcoverde   0.0 U
GST (mmol/mg ptn/min) Rockefeller 1.46 U
  RecRev   9.0 U
  RecRNEx   85.0 HA
  RecR   84.0 HA
  Arcoverde   48.0 A
  1. a susceptible laboratory strain
  2. b susceptible laboratory strain
  3. c resistant laboratory strain (not exposed)
  4. d resistant laboratory strain (exposed)
  5. e resistant field population
  6. f 99th percentile for Rockefeller
  7. g percentage of individuals with a 99th percentile above the 99th percentile for Rockefeller
  8. h classification of enzymatic activity compared to control (Rockefeller): unaltered (U); altered (A); highly altered (HA)