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Fig. 3

From: New approaches to measuring anthelminthic drug efficacy: parasitological responses of childhood schistosome infections to treatment with praziquantel

Fig. 3

Comparison of egg reduction rates among children infected with schistosomes following treatment with praziquantel estimated by model-free and marginal-model methods. Panels a and b depict, respectively, estimates from individuals infected with Schistosoma haematobium and S. mansoni. Subplots within each panel are stratified according to the different covariate combinations defined by the marginal model; some strata are unpopulated and therefore have no data points. Marginal model and model-free estimates are plotted at each follow-up time for ease of visual comparison. Error bars represent 95 % confidence intervals, calculated using bootstrap methods for model-free sample estimates and using robust sandwich estimators of the standard error for marginal-model estimates. Circular data points (depicting model-free estimates) that are coloured grey do not have an associated uncertainty interval since, in the corresponding strata, all egg counts after treatment were zero, and hence are incompatible with the bootstrap approach. The dashed lines in panel b highlight the decreasing trend in efficacy for increasing follow-up times as estimated by the marginal model fitted to the S. mansoni data (see Fig. 5 for coefficient estimates)

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