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Table 1 STH prevalence and intensity at baseline and at follow-up 3 months after albendazole therapy

From: Multi-parallel qPCR provides increased sensitivity and diagnostic breadth for gastrointestinal parasites of humans: field-based inferences on the impact of mass deworming

  A. lumbricoides N. americanus
  Baseline Follow-up Baseline Follow-up
Percent infected (by qPCR) 14 3 18 4
Percent infected (by KK) 9 1 6 1
Mean DNA concentration in stool (μg/μL) 15 1 301 14
Mean EPG 677 96 8 0
  1. The percent of people infected with each species, and the mean intensity of infection, is measured at baseline and follow-up from the 633 individuals with KK and qPCR results at both time points. For qPCR, the mean intensity is measured in μg/μL, and for KK, it is measured in EPG