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Table 1 Primers for qRT-PCR (quantitative Real-Time-PCR) on Haemonchus contortus P-glycoprotein-9.1/epithelial-like pig (Sus scorfa) kidney cell (Hco-Pgp-9.1/LLC-PK1) transfected cells

From: Characterisation of P-glycoprotein-9.1 in Haemonchus contortus

Primer name Nucleotide sequence (5′–3′)
Hco-Pgp-9.1 (forward) GGC CTC AGT TTG CTG TTC TC
Hco-Pgp-9.1 (reverse) ATC TGG TCG CGT TGG ATA AG
Sus scorfa GAPDH (forward) AAC TGC TTG GCA CCC CTG
Sus scorfa GAPDH (reverse) TTG GCA GCG CCG GTA GAA
Sus scorfa mdr1 (forward) TGC CAC CAC GAT AGC TGA GAA CAT
Sus scorfa mdr1 (reverse) ATG GCG ATT CTC TGC TTC GTC CA